God has a plan

January 12, 2009
By Amber Divinity, Jackson, MS

Kicking me out is a result of silliness
I’m lost on a road
Being myself I'm really missing it
I'm what you call the walking dead
I use to be the poor mans bread
Now I'm living the life kkk starting living
After Obama became the head
My hair begin to shed
I'm stressed out I don’t even know how it feel to be in bed
My life has been taken away from me
Please death come knock on my door
Before I come and look for you
Land to core, front to back, yours to mine
Where you at
I have no identity
Neither joy nor life in me
I smile to make your life better
While the inside of me shatter
I try to care but why should I
When I have never seen blue only black sky
I always told my people ride or die
Therefore I'm sticking like glue
Somebody give me a clue
Because I'm turning to my last resort
Asking for death is a part
I pray to my god no answer
I ask please a chance sir
I thought I would be alright
But things changed over night
I stop praying and reading
Because my soul started bleeding
Now that people see me without one
They told me to take it easy go twenty
But I started speeding
Lord why put me through this
I wish living the good life wasn’t so much
Or had a 100 percent off clearance
My voice you not hearing
My faith and smile stop appearing
Asking God to take the pain away
So now were is the curing
Making you proud is what I want to do
But since my dream is now irrelevant
I'm sailing it, to someone who cares
Because life itself I cant bare
I'm lost are some sort
I need to sue the world and go to life court
It’s a fire inside me
It want die in me
I tried my best to change
But the demons try and block
Time hurry up
Or maybe I just need a faster clock
My body in an eternal shock
I feel dead because I can smell hells aroma
I can’t speak, think, are move
It’s something like a coma
I have no option
I can’t go to sleep
I hear voices
They take control of my mind and leave me with no choices
I use to follow the light
Now I'm half-blind to life it’s now just a string
I tell myself God has a plan this is just a dream
Life has went on and I walk with nothing
Begging for help
I get it but it’s the wrong thing no one knows it seems
God I pray you bring your team
Guardian angel, Moses, king David
I don’t want to see hell
I rather hear a heavenly bell
Wish I could crab out and lock my shell
I wake up each morning hoping my life was just a nightmare or fairytale
I wish I could have ran
But I figure that
God has a plan

The author's comments:
This piece represent a part in my life were i felt like giving up but i had realized that God had a plan.This poem put the series of problems into one life story.

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Baby Jesus said...
on Mar. 11 2010 at 10:58 am
That girl went hard!!!


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