Finally Awake

January 12, 2009
By Zac Budrow, Clarkston, MI


How do people start their day?
How about with breakfast?
A cup of tea,
Perhaps even coffee.
Everyone has a morning routine
Here is mine

I start the day, I wake from a sound sleep
My alarm ringing in the background of my mind
I drag my body from the slumber of my covers
As I snap my light on from the fan,

I make my way out of my room
Venturing to the bathroom
Missing the light switch
Three or four times until
The light shatters my retinas as it flicks on
I grasp my toothbrush and start brushing vigorously

The plaque erases from my dental cavities
As I brush,
And spit.

Onto the kitchen where the dogs lay
My breakfast awaits
As I feel my stomach roll and rumble

Gandering in the cupboard
I find no cereal
And find myself angered
At the sight of no material
For my mother has not grabbed it from the store
I’ll have to extend my search
As I mosey onward
I rip the fridge open

Still without a word
As it is my first checkpoint
Finding myself staring at fruit cups and bagels.

Upset by this fact I move to checkpoint “B”
I jerk open the freezer

Within, frozen wonderland of french toast and waffles
I reach in,
As if I were going for the kill
I grasp my French toast,
Surprised by the chill
Popping them in the toaster waiting for them to warm

I scarf my breakfast
Filling my gullet
Finally feeling Awake

My mom and my sisters,
They never ask questions
For they know, when a brutha’ is eatin’
There is no speakin’

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