January 12, 2009
By Katelyn Lutey, CLarkston, MI

Sometimes I sit and ask myself
What have I become?
Suddenly I felt out of place.
Thoughts racing
Play like a movie in my mind
What have I become?
Just laying there.
Is this false.
Is this where I belong.
Is this over,
Or am I over you.

What have we become?
No attachment to this apathetic apartment
I could storm out
Not feeling I lost something
What have we become?
Suddenly buzzing
Ringing in my ears
Calling me to walk out,
Not revealing my worry.

What has this become?
I pack my stuff
Scattered on the floor
Sneak out
Closing the heavy door
Gently behind me
What has this become?
I wander down the hall
To my car I sit
Asking myself
What has this become?

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