Thank You Brett

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

At home and away, during night, during day
You worked but you played, and we loved you this way

A child inside, we watched you have fun
And fire the old pigskin, like your arm was a gun

You jumped and you tackled, often your own team
You wrestled and lifted, your eyes filled with gleam

Whether injured or healthy, you played, and played well
For 275 straight games, you put opponents through hell

Through trials and hardships, by your side we stayed
We found you were human, though like a god you played

We'll always remember the memories we have
We cheered and we loved, through good and through bad

It's hard to believe that our Hero is done
But we'll never forget you, for our hearts you've won

Since '92, we've known only one:
Our Champion, our Friend, our Brother, our Son

Thank you, Brett Favre, for these past 16 years
We know 3 won’t do so we’ll give you 4 cheers!

So please, Dearest Brett, in South Miss. don't stay
Come back and come often to your home: The Cheesehead State

Much love, tears, and smiles,
Your Family in Wisconsin

We will miss you, but won’t forget you. Thanks for all the great memories, Brett!

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