Never Much

January 12, 2009
By Pat Martin, Willowbrook, IL

I grew up on the stories of the old heathen gods,
I never cared much for them.
It was all Hollywood evil, you know?
Firstborns and virgins, where’s the fun in that?
No one loves them, it’s glam slaughter that’s all,
Shock Rock.
In grade school I knew this kid, Caesar Otero
Caesar owned these green parakeets, they squawked and pecked
One day one of them flew into an open oven, seared itself
Birds weren’t meant for pyres, Caesar wasn’t meant for birds
In Catholic school there was this kid named Corey Rowe.
Nice enough but he never said much, people were nice to him an all,
But he kept to himself, wasn’t meant for words, sat there.
One day he doesn’t show up, transferred over the weekend,
Says no one tried to talk to him, like really tried
Went to the Lutheran school down the street,
Maybe it’s a different kinda God there.
In High school I met a lot of different faces
I never cared much for high school.
In college we knew this guy, no teeth, no name,
They called him Balls, he made a living selling dope
Operated from his sister’s back porch, in a yellow lawn chair
One day he disappeared too, maybe Luther Moses knows where
I had this professor, said Nausea should be the new bible
Liked to ask us why we were even here, why bother
Said there was no God and we were alone in an uncaring universe
I never cared much for that
I thought to myself
God exists so that people can say he doesn’t exist
People weren’t meant for God, God wasn’t meant for people

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