January 11, 2009
By Mackenzie Mader, East Helena, MT

They are trying to take his name out
Just because a few people pout
Granted we as people have changed,
But that doesn't mean it needs to be
'Under God' is what I will always say
Even if I get in trouble for it someday

There are a few, but just a bit
That don't believe in him, so they trow a fit
He has always been in our pledge
And he better stay there until the very end
Because we are One Nation Under God
We will always be just that, never a fraud

So my question for you is why?
Why do we have to try and please every guy?
Granted, you may make some group happy
But you will hear from my dear old pappy
Because he was born and raised,
To believe in God
And now you treat believers
Like a piece of sod

His name was in the original
So just let us be individual
Let the people who don't believe
Skip the words and be pleased
But for the last time
If you wouldn't mind
Just let us say his name if we want
Because you know I have not forgot
The one who created me!

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem one day in study hall after watching the news and how they want to take the word God out of pretty much everything and it just really upsets me to know that they want to change some thing that has been in our country for a long time for example: they won't let us say the Pledge of Allegience anymore because it has the word God in it.

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