your word

January 10, 2009
By Brittany bailey, Springfield, VA

"your word"

A hello, a thank you, a compliment.
They can make anyone’s day.
It’s so easy to do.
And it can mean the world to people.
But that’s the thing, words can make OR break people.
Some people choose to ruin someone else’s day.
Sharp words are more painful than a cut to the wrist.
More accurately they are sometimes the CAUSE of a cut to the wrist.
Some insults hurt more than you think.
And the pain doesn’t go away.
It brings along it’s friends,
Doubt, insecurity, and somewhere down the line,

Some live off others like leeches.
They say they are too fat or too skinny,
Pining for compliments.
Not because they are insecure,
But because they love to hear how great they are.
All the time.
If you are really great and confident,
Why do you have to be reminded every five seconds?
Why do you have to crush,
The self-esteem of people who you feel are below you.
What makes you superior?
It’s not your heart, I can assure you.
You don’t understand the consequences of you actions.
You may never see that person again.
Never see the full reaction to your action.
You will never even have to think of it again.
Because you are perfect.
That’s what EVERYONE says, right?

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