Call Me Selfish

January 10, 2009
By Maghan Smith, Pauline, SC

"Call Me Selfish"
I'm tired of stepping over you
Like you're the dirty clothes
Strewn across my floor.
I know you see me.
I'm doing this on purpose,
But I'm hurting,
Do you see that?
I'm hurting because of what you said
When I begged you so silently to stop.
I'm hurting because of the way you looked at me,
And because of the way you wouldn't look at me.
I'm hurting because for the first time
You weren't on my side.
If we could just say "I'm sorry"
Wouldn't that make everything better?
Because what's said is said,
You made sure your words cut deep enough to leave a scar.
While I sat still and let you cut me.
And the only reason I don't hate you
Is because I love you so much.
You said I'm done
And you sounded like you meant it,
That's what scares me the most.
Call me selfish,
It's only another name,
But you can't be done,
Because I'll never stop needing you.
No matter how many things you call me,
No matter how much it hurts right now,
I'll never stop loving you.

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