You think you know me

January 10, 2009
I'm from my parents, of course I am,
I'm from loving family time and playing board games,
I'm from loving the peace and quiet when I get it,
I'm from switching schools year after year,
you think you knew when my brother and I got, along?
From when I looked in the mirror and actually had a sister for once

I'm from long car rides and road trips always leading to another place,
From always sleeping in the car as a little girl,
From never being out of the country but knowing much about them,
knowing the song “I've been every where” applies to me in a way,
and never wanting to grow up when I saw Peter Pan

I'm from the best friend I'd ever had and never want to lose,
I'm from being the peacemaker in the middle of my friends fight,
I'm from staying out late with friends and having a good time then getting in trouble ,
going to elitches on Halloween and actually having a good time.

I'm from books,
I'm from the words on the page that draw me into them,
I'm from missing my childhood and living it late,
I couldn't wait till winter was over for the spring to splash itself upon me,
I'm from many things but you still don't know me.

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