January 10, 2009
By Anonymous

So we whirled
Through the world
Meteors across the sky
Flew like lightning hurled
Borne on belief in a lie
You can’t postpone goodbye

Can’t avoid
This, a void
Nothing in a hole
Something is destroyed
Rocks settle on my soul
But you say we’re whole

Morning mist
I have missed
Foggy ignorance
Recall we never did kiss
Or begin life’s dance
Still feels like romance

I’m not fain
To now feign
Love I don’t possess
Though within my brain
I long for your caress
I flee from the rest

I’ve solace
I’m soulless
Wandering about
Aftermath leave me goalless
Clothed only in my doubt
It’s hard to do without

Over vales
Love veils
You always fail
No one can attain it
It’s made, you can’t gain it
And no one can drain it
But you

The author's comments:
This is just me experimenting with some wordplay and trying to describe love.

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