Three Is More Than Just A Crowd

January 11, 2009
By Christopher Iacullo, Barrington, IL

It was only six years,
Just mommy, daddy, and me
Then in less than a blink of an eye,
Along came three.

The world seemed to triple,
Three of this,
Three of that,

What used to be a fairly calm and quite house,
Was now full of chaos,
Noise at all hours,
And up in arms,

Babies cried,
Alarms sang,
Cabinets banged,
The phone chimed,
The microwave hummed,
Water boiled,
Yet I seemed mute,

The doorbell rang,
And people came,
Often with packages,
Wrapped in soft blue paper,
And a cute little bow on top,

But once in a while,
The paper would be different,
The surprise,
For me,

What had once seem lost and forgotten,
Was not that at all,
Just no longer the center of everyone’s attention,

Startling still,
But not the end of the world.

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