Lost at Sea

January 9, 2009
By Amelia Parent, Mont Vernon, NH

Do you see me across the room?
I call your name, but there's no response.
You look into my eyes, your's as blank as parchment,
it's scaring me.
I call your name again but you turned away, still
with no response.
My knees buckle underneath me and I clutch my
breaking heart.
I'm reaching for you, but you're not there and I
grasp the cold, heartless air.
I tried to run after your shadow but a force pulled
me back, pinning me to the ground.
With bleeding arms, I stood up and pushed through
the crowd, screaming your name.
I'm knocked back down and trampled, but no one
seems to hear my cries, not even you.
Frigid hands grab my ankles and drag me away,
away from everything.
I look into their faces, the faces of some people I
used to know.
Cold and horribly different, I'm pinned to the wall with
the words they continue to say:
Get over it.
Get over it.
I sit alone, slumped against the wall where I was left
behind, holding your picture in my bleeding hand.
It's hard to understand why you're gone, especially
if you're alone.
I'm so confused, as I struggle alone in a crowd that I
don't recognize anymore.
I'm lost at sea, alone.

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