January 8, 2009
By Riki Sagraves SILVER, Dayton, Ohio
Riki Sagraves SILVER, Dayton, Ohio
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It doesn’t matter how old I get or how much more maturity I receive
It depends on who my role models maybe

It can't be someone who decides they want to sleep around with two men
And one of them be her husband for fifteen years

It doesn’t matter if one father puts his whole check towards the house in which he lives
Nor whether he feeds his daughter or not
Or, is there for her when she needs him
It depends on whether they bring peace throughout her life

There is no peace in daily yelling, name callings, or a strict money source
There is no peace in a home in which I like to call hell
There’s no peace to anything in which I like to flee to a dark room and depressing music
Is this the outline to the rest of my life or is this to show me how not to live

I can’t take drama at school and home
I can’t take constant arguing
All the stomping and screaming
Slamming of doors, or something breaking

The burning sensation in my throat is from screaming
I would be lucky to have a voice by the time I graduate
The bruises on my feet from stomping up stairs
And the ache of my head from all the chaos

And in between all of this I have homework
Like that isn’t enough stress
By the time I wind down I just have to wake back up
In another day in the home I like to call hell

And when peace seeps through my day like the sunshine on a cloudy day
There is only one name in which I can smile
Who can stop my tears from draining out of my eyes

Someone who can make me laugh when I am beyond mad
And can make me smile when I have a frown
Its all of thanks to this one
And even after all his help everything is gone

I am restored to do anything with peace
I am happy although I can still hear the arguing from under the floor boards
And the stomping and the screaming

But all I have to do is listen to the sweet song he sings to me
The one that makes me fall asleep
And it brings joyful tears to my eyes and happy sorrow to my heart
But the best part is it makes my world at peace

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