January 8, 2009
By Emily Pontrich, Louisville, KY

I was minding my own business
Walking down the street
Blissfully unaware
Of whom I was going to meet

I probably should have noticed him
Making a beeline right for me
But in my own little world
I just could not see.

His razor sharp weapon
Held threateningly on my neck
As he prepared to harm me
I became a nervous wreck

I should have known better
I’ve been through this before
I shouldn’t have crossed into his turf
Now I’ll pay even more

He pierces me with his needle
That poison filling my blood
I feel the pain all over
It’s rushing like a flood

My body starts to shake
The spot becomes red and inflamed
The pain is spreading outwards
I have only myself to blame

He flees the scene at once
As I clutch where he injured me
I should have known better
Than to cross paths with a bee.

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on Feb. 5 2009 at 5:18 pm
This poem is cool


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