January 7, 2009
By Nikki Partin, Cincinnati, OH

Memories that would make your skin crawl like an inchworm across the earth-eaten floor. Memories that are more poisonous than a poison dart frog's skin. Memories more acidic than hydrochloric acid in your eyes. Memories that would make Lady Macbeth look tame and harmless. Memories that will forever haunt me to eternity and back. Memories that burn hotter and more damaging than gasoline. Memories that damn me to hell as they cackle with mischief. Memories that have slaughtered my innocence. Memories that force me to distrust the slightest gesture of friendship or happiness. Memories that prove that the people that seem the nicest are serpents underneath. Memories.... Memories you never want me to speak of. Memories that I never want to remember. Memories of you. Memories of me.

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