Fearlessly Afraid

January 7, 2009
as i pave the long roads of depression with a single brick
using feign words as a concrete; i will at last face my defeat
still shoveling with this fog so thick; i now see what about you makes me sick.
Forwarding every letter ,wasting every line; every spec of ink i wasted on you.
I've been at this state of mind for the longest while, I've said it a million times; you're blind.
loathing this person, hating the vivid yet blistering reminders of dreams, notes, lost letters..
Feeling my identity escaping me, my tips of my fingers have no trace. no prints. who am i?
I am the one you all adore until i'm vulnerable; I am the one you love till i turn my back.
you're no longer in control, I've found my role in this
i stepped into your fatal blow....but you missed.

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