January 7, 2009
By Julianna Clarke, Arnold, MD

Whenever you're scared
And want to run and hide
Don't forget
That I'm here by your side
When you feel alone
And things get tough
Always remember I'm here
Don't ever give up
Whenever you're lost
And things start to change
Never forget
That in my heart you remain
When you're doubting life
Just keep in mind that I'm here with open arms
To listen to your problems
And help protect you from harm
Whenever you're confused
And don't know what's going on
Think of me
And always know I'll be here to keep you strong
When you think it's too late
To turn it all around
I'll be here to help you
Find some stable ground
Whenever things are starting to get worse
And out of control
Just know that it will all be worth it
No matter what you're told
When you feel torn apart
And that you can't make it through
Know that no matter what
I'll always love you

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