Student's prayer

January 7, 2009
With twinking eyes a child prayed,
looking at the big wide world that God had made.
This huge world he did not understand,
so in prayer he raised his hand,
"God, help me protect me,
let my concience be my guide.
let me be strong,
make my faith deep and my knowledege wide.
let my parents be proud of me."
That is the prayer of every student that was,
and every student that shall be.

Being a student he had not seen,
the whole world yet,
but "its hard out there",
said the elders he met.
they said so many obstacle worl come in way,
the world had to change, so he continued to pray.
"God someone would change the world,
so let me be the one.
yes God let me shine brither than the sun.
help me over come every obstacle and pass every test,
GOd, please help me become the best.
let my parents, my school,the world be proud of me."
thats the prayer of every student that was and every student that shall be.

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Shereen.R said...
Nov. 13, 2010 at 7:25 pm
I like it, it has a nice flow to it! great job ;)
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