why dont you?

January 7, 2009
And you don’t seem to even wonder
Why I’m in the bathroom with the water running,
Or locked in my room,
You don’t seem to wonder
Why my knees bleed
Or why I speak little words
You don’t ask why my eyes are teary anymore
Or ask why I eat lunch alone,
You aren’t suspicious why my interest in learning
Has quickly dropped
Or why I don’t want to talk to you
When you just stop by my door
And you don’t ask anymore
How the day went by,
Or make an extra effort
During the times I need you most
Not curious at all why I never ask for money
When I go into the town
Or why my pants are getting looser
Or why my shoes are ripping at the seams
Why I never feel like being home,
Or how I tend to end up alone
why friends seem to be drifting
And you don’t ask me what’s wrong anymore,
How why my knees are bleeding
You don’t seem to wonder
Why the water would be running while I’m in the bathroom
What I’m busy doing in my room
Or why I want to be alone
Why don’t you ever wonder?

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