Time Travel

January 7, 2009
By Asher Elbein BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
Asher Elbein BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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I came upon my-self one day,
(Although with a younger face)
Whom I decided to show the way
And help him obtain his place.

Understand, said I to that odd youth
That your impulses you must contain
Control your emotions and speak only truth
For that is the way to stay sane.

He looked at my face and said with a smile
Alas! What a cruel trick of fate.
Your past is my own, and it’s not worth my while
To try and alter something too late.

So now I’ll advise you, Oh wise future me,
True to your self and your soul you must be.
Select your path well; find a good road to follow.
For whichever you chose, I must walk it tomorrow.

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