January 6, 2009
By Liza Dee, Essex, CT

When I arrive home from school it is just three o’clock
and I pull out my homework to work without stop
But my attention is caught by the kitchen’s good food
“What’s a ten minute break?” I tend to conclude

So I shove my large backpack straight to the side
And dig in to the soda and chips I had eyed
I collapse to the couch and flip on the screen,
But am quickly bored, so observe a magazine

Obama has won, the headlines will tell me
Oh, and here’s something new of Sarah Palin’s shopping spree
With so much to be learned, it is clearly not a crime
Its merely educational, not any waste of time

So by 5 o’clock I am still not making progress
But the way that I think of it, it was simply short recess
And at 6 o’clock I will sit down for dinner
Thinking there’s plenty of time to come out a winner

By 7 o’clock, a few worksheets I have finished
Though the piling heap of homework has yet to diminish
And I minimize the document of Microsoft word
Instead find some iTunes music that I have not heard

At 8 o’clock it is time for a break
All the hard work I’ve done has caused such a headache
So I open up Google and quickly check Facebook
It won’t be long, it’s just a quick look!

And two hours later I come to terms with the fact
I have done almost nothing, my books are still stacked
So I sit at my desk with a groan and a moan
And decide it may be time to get started on this poem.

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