January 6, 2009
By Ashton Parker, Houston, TX

Your vibrant colors are a maze.
Staring at you brings me a soothing peace.
You look onward; you know how to take the emotion of life.
You’ve experienced the events of cupid and the diamond ring, you know of the tears on your back, and of the fears whispered in your ear.
You’ve felt the anger of someone who’s tried to break you,
but your eyes still look onward.
You have taken everyone on a journey through life, no one would ever know that.
All of it was a blurry reckoning, I couldn’t understand it…
But no one understands life, not like you.
Your majestic stance, all-knowing and wonderful, my childhood friend, Carousel horse.

The author's comments:
I went to a carnival one year, and I wondered about how many secrets were under the colors.

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