January 5, 2009
By Mae Weise, Milwaukee, WI

The four years have past
Each year signifying another stepping-stone
Between friends or foes, I keep these years cherished
Still, the regrets remain in the past
Nothing can be done to take them back
Although lessons were taken from each mistake
Every moment happened for a reason
No matter what foreshadows for the future
I can always look back to my memories in high school
It’s the daily routine that goes by slowly
But in the end it flies by in a blink of an eye
Each day everyone waits till Friday
Little did I know, those weekends at home were numbered
Now that it’s coming to an end
We all realize life will never be the same
Laughs, cries, struggles, and sighs
Here comes college, while high school will only exist in thought
Our chosen path will enable us to let go
To see our future unfold

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