January 5, 2009
By Jessica Blackford, Howell, MI

The silence is deafening; this void in my heart where you once had a place
Closing my eyes and only seeing your face
I long for your presence; the sound of your voice
But you are nowhere near; you had made your choice
Deciding to move on; leave this love to the past
Forgetting about me; alone at last
You shattered my spirit and broke my heart
Your eyes look like a lake; so calm and placid
Mine filled with tears falling like rain
You left me broken and full of pain
I knew this was coming, yet it took me by surprise
I thought we could fix it, but too little too late
We weren’t right for each other; so I guess this was fate
So sad what happens when you fall out of love
The crushing of hearts; the parting of ways
Destroying a bond; being left in a daze
There is an empty space where you once used to lay
Before spreading your wings and flying away
Gaining freedom from the one who made you feel whole
Left with an emptiness in our soul
We had grown so distant; so far apart
But still you will always remain in my heart*

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