January 5, 2009
By Anonymous

A glimpse of the past
A glimpse of the present
A glimpse of the future
These colors are the manifestation of our aperture

The spectrum of light,
The spectrum of dark,
The spectrum of what is right and wrong
These shades are what differentiate us from each other

A smile of grief
A frown of pleasure
An emotionless disclosure
These faces are the materialization of our enclosure

What is love?
What is hate?
What is the meaning of our facture?
These are the questions that have driven men to indenture

Was this an angelic mistake?
Or was it a devil’s prank?
Or was it God’s Ideal to lead is to the end of a plank?
These doubts are what go into man-made tanks…

Everybody needs
Everyone wants
Nobody here is too late
Is this what we see as a human fate?

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