December 13, 2008
Mysterious sparkling crystal drops that smack you in the head like someone purposly threw a rock at you.
Drip, drip, drop, splash-ha. Missed me. Another wet puddle I know will soak my jeans if I step in it.
Drop, drip. Now it's pouring as I walk home from a depriving, passive school. I speak with my thoughts and not with words. My thoughts tell me 'this rain sucks.'
Splash, thud, thud.
Pouring rain.
Densifying rain i know is starting to leave bruses on my olive skin.
The clouds are pitch black and not allowing the sun to win their massive, competative matches they begin to have at the begining of sunrise everyday.
Walking, walking.
"Ahh!" I scream at the top of my lungs.
I fell. I fell into that pathedic three-feet puddle i despise oh-so very much. I get up as my clothes begin to drip wet when you jump into a pool and jump back out drenching wet.
My knee burns with horrid pain like I just got stung by a few deathly poisonous jellyfish that have already tried to kill me once. I look down to see these distructable tears on my pants that seem to be the color of blood, dripping as i force myself to move along on this rotten day.
This pathedic rain.

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