The Unheard Cry

January 8, 2009
By Alexandria Harvey, Keller, TX

The night that you left her
She felt she couldn't breathe
One small tear fell from grace
And her soul started to bleed
She didn't know she'd do it
It'd never been that bad
The emptiness you left her with
Seemed all that she would have
You hurt her
You burned her
Her heart soon grew cold
Quickly reduced to a puddle that her grasp no longer could hold
She wanted to scream
She wanted to cry
But most of all she wanted to hide
From the pain of the words that drew so near
Your voice hurt so much to hear
She needed to get away
Just for a while
She knew it'd soon be okay
No longer able to fake a smile
One pill, two pills, three pills, four
She could still hear your voice
She still needed more
Five pills, six pills
The seventh mad her choke
She was always a game to you
Your stupid little joke
Eight pills, nine pills
Your voice became too much
Pill after pill till she emptied the cup
The trees stood in silence, the sky held it's breath
The world stopped moving as she took one last step
The floor jumped from underneath her
She barely even screamed
She simply let go of all she had
as it burst through the seams
Darkness slowly enveloping her, her life played out one last scene
A single tear was shed that day but by you it was never seen.
And then she was gone

The author's comments:
About this poem:

Everybody has ups and downs in there life and this reflected a time in my life when I was having problems with friends and such. I put my heart into this poem so I hope that you like it.

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