Day After Day

December 4, 2008
By Kaylee Wedgeworth, Mountain Home, AR

Day after day I wonder, Why?
Why my hallway has no windows,
Has no door at the end,
Instead it's just a cold, dar, dead-end path.
Day after day I wonder, Why?
Why you hold my door but never share,
Hwo you could be so selfish,
Never letting me out,or in.
Day after Day I wonder, Why?
Why everone else's hallways have windows,
Enabling them to see out,
Experiencing a part of the world outside,
Why they got a door at the end of their hallway,
Allowing them to share theirs with another.
Day after day I search,
Search for a window,
Even the smallest of cracks.
One that I could look out,
Out like others into the world.
Day after day I wonder, If?
If I'll ever find a window,
or even a crack,
and not one the when you look out,
Stares into a brick wall.
Day after day I wonder, Why?
Why other have light but I don't,
Why I am always surrounded by darkness.
Day after day I get mad,
Mad at all of those who,
Hold a door but never share.

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