A Piece

November 26, 2008
By Ciara Woods, Cartersville, GA

Lack of trust. Lack of cummunication. How did we end up in this foreign place of a faraway location? Time and time I talked, but it seems no one was ever around to listen. Time and time I've cried, but it seems like everyone was to blind to see that the tears I had still glistened. Days and nights became colder and longer; but I had to come to terms with the fact, that, all this pain and suffering would only make me stronger. So now, don't sympathize; and don't tell me that your sorry. Just be smart enough to realize, that this is just a piece of my story.

The author's comments:
Well this piece was inspired from many different situations in my life. POetry became my copping mechanism when i was a very little girl. Just a way for me to express myself. Poetry is my life. As the poem said, and "pain and suffering" is just a piece of my life's story. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank You.

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