Chillin Underground

November 14, 2008
By Daniel Krause, Hartland, WI

There is four feet of dirt set over my cranium,
Yet I inhale with ease,
Hiding away in a cocoon of earth.
Where Arctic cold or Arabian heat refuses to penetrate,
Yet there is no furnace or air-conditioning,
Only a 56 degree thermal mass.
Cool in the summer,
Warm in the winter,
Always constant.
Storms raging, winds howling, blizzards blanketing the earth,
Yet I exist comfortably,
Carefree of the outside turmoil.
Snuggled away in quiet tranquility,
I flick on the fluorescent bulb,
Take out a good volume,

Deposit an extra piece of wood on the fire,
And merrily wait for the energy bill to arrive.
I am chillin underground.

The author's comments:
In 1999, my family moved into an earth sheltered home. It has every amenity of a conventional home with many additional benifits. This event has helped me to be keenly aware of the environment and our role in preserving nature. Our home has no footprint on the landscape, is safe, and extremely energy efficient. Someday I would like to become an architect, and build homes that are friendly to the world.

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