Small Things = Something Bigger Than Us

December 30, 2008
You do the smallest things to make me smile…
Whether it’s a text on a day of a big test, wishing me luck
Or a flower on our anniversary
Or even chicken soup when I’m sick.

When I cry…
You crack the smallest jokes
Give me the softest kiss
You hold me for the longest time

When I’ve had a bad day…
You give me the sweetest smile,
A cup of my favorite coffee
And you quote lines from my favorite books

When a family member dies…
You just listen and stroke my hair
You hold me when I cry,
And you kiss away the tears

And no matter what I go through…
You’re by my side no matter what
And you help me through the obstacle course
That we call life

It’s these little things that add up to that one big thing
The one thing that is the international language
Something every country and continent has
And no matter where we go or who we see
It’s the thing that never blinds us

Something little girls dream about
And something everybody looks for
And if they’re lucky enough to find it, they rejoice
While the unlucky others still search, upset and alone

The one and only thing
That keeps families with
Lushes together
The one thing that has
Wives staying by their abusive husbands’ sides
The one thing that keeps
Many suicidal people alive

What’s the one thing?
Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet
I feel sorry for you
But I’ll tell you anyway,
The one thing is love

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LoveLikeEpic said...
Sept. 26, 2010 at 9:07 pm
Beautiful. Purely beautiful.
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