My savior

December 29, 2008
By Jiyoung Seo, Rolling Meadows, IL

Dark nights used to consume my soul
With the feeling of hatred and everything evil
No one understood and no one cared
The depression that hurt so much sank in
The lifeless self I have become hated so much
The laughs, the hugs, the fakeness
People around just didn’t understand my hurt
But one day I heard his voice
That lovely voice that rescued me
He lured me into his loving depths
He lured me into his loving arms
Holding me so tightly, caressing me with warmth
Never have I felt more cared for
Never have I felt this safe
When I opened my eyes I knew where I was
Because my heart started again
It wasn’t a boy or a new found love
This savior was my Father
The Father who created my life
The Father who forgave all my sins
The one who loved me through all my faults
The one who is my Lord

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