Off Limits

December 29, 2008
By SarynJumail PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
SarynJumail PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
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He was there.
Next to me...breathing the same air.
Off limits.

I couldn't touch him, so I
Couldn't look at him,
I would want to touch him.
And I couldn't.
Off limits.

I did it anyways.
Looked, that is.
He was looking at me.
Just sitting there,
his head...tilted, just that
slight slant.
I wanted him.
But I couldn't have him.
Off limits.

He touched my hair,
so soft...
Sending shivers up my spine.
His voice... so soft.
I reached my hand out,
pulled it back.
I kept forgetting:
Off limits.

I looked again.
(Such a bad thing)
I couldn't help it,
it couldn't hurt...
I touched his hand...
He looked away...
I pulled away...
Off limits...

Just a dream?
No,it was clearly reality.
"Why are you looking at me like that?"
I looked away.
Didn't think he could see,
the longing in my eyes.
I wanted him,
couldn't have him,
Off limits.

I felt the slight warmth
of his hand on my thigh
butterflies in my stomach
Couldn't help but think
this is what I want...
I want him...
Snapped to my senses.
Off limits.

Slightly touched his leg.
Heard a bell ring.
"I have to go,"
barely a whisper.
I didn't want to leave,
Seemed as if he felt the same way.
I got up to go,
he pulled me back.
Off limits.

Our faces, inches apart.
I looked at him,
the same look on his face
So close...
I turned my head.
"I have to go,"
Again, it echoed.
I didn't want to leave...
So I stayed.
Knowing it was trouble,
Off limits.

I knew I had to go
But I wanted him so badly
I wanted to stay
with him
staying with me...
But it was time to leave...
Off limits.

Walking away,
from him was
crazy hard,
Felt so wrong,
but I knew it was right,
Off limits.

But why?
Why must he be,
so close, yet so far away?
Why must I long,
for him, his touch, his voice?

Off limits.
But then again...
Is he really?
And for how long?
How long can I stand it?

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