More and Less

December 29, 2008
By Evan Phail, Bronx, NY

We’re lying in the sand,
Holding hands,
The clouds cover the sun’s strong blaze,
Yet I can’t think clearly, my mind’s in a haze,
I feel like I’m running in a maze
Just trying to get through to you,
But instead, I’m running into dead ends,
And I’m going crazy

So please read between the lines
And give me a sign,
I want to be yours
Even if I have to pay a fine
Or wait in line
I wouldn’t mind
The pleasure won’t all be mine
So please don’t leave me behind.

Just tell me what’s wrong
Is it me? Is it you?
Are you scared or confused?
How can that be?
We’re at peace next to the ocean blue
Do you want to leave?
We can get up right now,
Leave this place
If your heart will allow,
As long as I’m with you
The place doesn’t mean a thing
As long as you and me mean more than a summer fling
And actually mean more than words can express,
Only way to explain it is through your gentle kiss…

Only if you feel like it
Cuz I don’t want to push too hard or else you might quit
So I’m saying we can take our time
As long as you want to be mine
And I’ll be yours
Comforting, like this sand on this seashore

We can dance; I’ll hold you by the waist,
And romance, we’ll go at your pace,
I’m willing to do whatever you want, I pray
As long as you promise not to taunt me by day
And haunt me by night
Cuz I can’t get you out of my head,
And I can feel the empty space next to me in bed

Let me explain in another way:
That’s what I mean to say.
The opportunity is yours for the taking
Just remember life’s not all about money raking,
And less about god forsaking
Less about identity faking
Less about moral aching
Less about promise flaking
Less about heart breaking…
More about the simple things like easy cake baking
More about our love in the making

I’m willing to take the risk
And even if I miss,
You’ll know I swung at a great pitch
But wasn’t looking for a curveball,
I was looking for something a little more steady
So you can see why I wasn’t ready,
But if you stay on the mound
I’ll stay in the box
And the next pitch you give me
I promise to rock.

My point is it’s not all about the stats
But more about the at-bats
And every time you knocked me down
I came right back
And that’s why my love for you will never lack

So do you really want to let go of my hand,
Leave me in the sand,
Move on and find a “real winner” who truly doesn’t understand?
Cuz you know that’s not who I am…
Or do you want to take me with you?
Indeed I thought you were confused
And that’s why I understand now why it’s so hard to choose
But now, you have finally confessed
Confessed the confusion that would never rest
The truth is that you love me more and less

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