Sand and Snow

December 29, 2008
No one seems to be listening
to the news these days.
They figure it could go
either way.
So at night mother's snuggle
with their kids.
Reading stories.
Beyond the window there is
snow somewhere,
blowing in through a
crack in the wall
a crack in reality.
Blankets frozen with indecision.
Beyond this home
there is a mother praying
that the sand shifts
that we see it.
Somewhere there is a soldier
running straight toward me,
running straight toward freezing.
Our minds cloaked now in
some strange feeling
that could be freezing
could be burning.
Mama please just keep reading.
Stories dont have to have such endings.
Maybe this situation can
turn itself happy.
years from now the world
will just freeze over.
And slowly melt away.
Then we can all stand back.
Watch the world reawake.

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