Rising Tide

December 29, 2008
By Faith Breisblatt GOLD, Scottsdale, Arizona
Faith Breisblatt GOLD, Scottsdale, Arizona
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It was a momentary lapse of judgment,
But there you were-
Starry-eyed and sparkling like the ocean.
Your voice cracked with
Each toss of the waves.
Over and over again,
The tide is an endless cycle
And so are you.

The call came a little too late,
The warning I needed, lost at sea
And I, left all alone-
A lighthouse on a deserted island
But what did you expect?
With no friends among the driftwood,
There was no where to turn,
And there you were.

But I shouldn’t have melted into the sand
I shouldn’t have been carried
Into your arms like a warm breeze
I noticed from the beginning your jagged edges-
Like sea glass,
With time you’ll be soft enough
For my hands
…But there you were.

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