She Is...

December 29, 2008
By Eugene Thomas Blantocas, Quezon City, ZZ

She is the one
The one whom my heart cries for
An enigma that can’t be undone
The unrequited love that I bore

She lit up my world
Enhancing the beating from within
How I felt like being hurled
Igniting the inner din

She is like an angel
A being that had fallen from Heaven
How in my heart there rang a bell
Mindless me that is never fully even

She is the inspiration
Who drives me out of my mind
How she calmed my heart’s desolation
The feelings hidden from behind

She is the Gem
So precious is my love
How my emotions needed a hem
Though I enjoyed it akin from above

The author's comments:
I am a hopeless romantic, and my inspiration for writing this poem is my "love" or "crush" for this girl in college, who is so much older than me. The three dots in the title signify the three letters in her nickname.

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