The Sky of Fire

December 28, 2008
By Melanie Walker, Harvard, MA

Sky of Fire

The sun rose
Just moments ago,
The great amber orb
Bringing a sky
Deep with the color of fire,
Casting light on these old streets.
But they have risen early
Earlier than the great sun herself,
Their iron heals clicking
On the stone roads
We once knew.
Their laughter
Within the walls of my home
Though the windows,
Windows kept closed by fear.

In the morning darkness
They break the silence
With their yells
And their guns
Their bombs
Their fire.
So much fire
Consuming the people I had known
The people I had loved
I will never see again.

It used to be
That dawn was safety.
Time when all was calm
And no one dared
Break the stillness,
The silence,
The rising sun.
But now it is light
And it seems that night never comes.
Where is the peace of darkness?
The peace of rest?
The night sky is filled with their fire
The stars lost in the smoke
Lost in so many cries.
The night brought my family home
But now
No one returns.
So many
Will never return again.

The sun rose today
I am sure.
But no one could see it
Through the sky of fire.
How could day come
If night was hidden in flames?
The horizon burns
Filled with flames and pain
So bright that even the hardest look
Couldn’t reveal
The safety of the rising sun.
Night is eaten by their fire
Along with all that was once peaceful
Eaten by their flames.
Pain comes early
These days.
Fear comes early
These days.
The sky of fire rises early
So, so early
These days.

The sky of fire rises early today.
And I fear
That this day
It will never set.

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