2008, Based on a True Story

December 27, 2008
(Scene opens) And the words “Writer’s Strike” dominate the screen,
Unmistakable as they are underlined.
(Zoom in to) Dismayed audiences growing livid,
Enduring re-runs of their favorite television shows.

(Generate a somber atmosphere)

Citizens flock to politicians (Exhibit clips from the election)
As they persuade the masses for votes and donations
To aid extravagant campaigns.
They need your help before they can change the world.

(Advertisements grow mute)

On a lighter note, (Funky dance music blasts from speakers)
The tween-age invasion had exploded
Onto Wal-Mart shelves
And highway billboards everywhere.
(Close-up of the latest Disney Channel star)

(Go to Commercials)
Catchy jingles for websites
And Trailers for Batman or vampire flicks
Replayed in families’ living rooms
Like broken records from the 1960’s.

(Back to scheduled programming)

An Olympic prodigy snagged a collection of gold medals,
All of America was proud.
The evening reports could only find time to discuss the prices of oil
And occasionally mudslinging presidential candidates.
In other news, Britney Spears seemed to being doing just fine…

(We interrupt this broadcast to bring you news of)
Countries still at war,
Poverty wrecking havoc,
Inflation becoming a nuisance,
And just how many more “American Pie” spinoffs are they going to make?

(Last Frame) Stocks are crashing like the Twin Towers
Hijacked by terrorists on Wall Street.
Fathers losing their paychecks,
Returning home empty handed.
We all try to make ends meet.
(Scene fades to black)

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