January 2, 2009
Sweep me off my feet,
Gather me in your arms,
Hold me for eternity
And never let me go
Light up my life with music, lyrics, and love
Say you love me forever more
Tell me I'm beautiful when i feel like trash
Watch me like graceful rose growing to never die
When i cry be near my side
And absorb my tears with understanding
You'll know just what to say
Our minds will think alike
I will wake in your arms
Die in your arms
And return to your arms after death
I will be there when you cry
When you believe you're about to die
And i will take you in my arms and take the tears away
We will lay out gazing at the stars
Wishing similar wishes for ever one that falls
Driving along on the road we will sing and dance
We will be escaping from everyone
We will be happy and gleeful not a care in the world
I with my pictures and you with your guitar
We will drive as close as we can
To happily ever after

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Maddog13 said...
Jan. 12, 2009 at 2:45 am
I really like this poem... It is well written, and shows true feeling, without beeing cheesey. Its cute. so... yea. :)
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