Prayer of Thanks

January 2, 2009
By Amanda Barger, Carrollton, TX

Dear God,

Do You remember that sad girl?

The one who cried herself to sleep almost every night and dreamed of a better day?

The one who wished for happiness and tested the line between life and death?

The one who went to the limits just to crawl back inside of her lonely little box?

Do You remember her dark confessions and deep obsessions?

Do You remember her pain?

She hopes You remember, God, because she will always remember.

But she has a new hope now, God.

You’ve sent her an angel in the form of a boy.

And day after day, he changes her life.

He fills her with life, and happiness, and love.

And although she sometimes returns to her dark, secret cave, she still wears a small smile in her soul.

Dear God,

She met a boy today.

Isn’t it weird that of all things to change her life, You would choose a boy?

But You did, God, and she’s beginning to see the beautiful things again.

She has begun to notice brighter colors, lighter melodies, and clearer thoughts.

She just doesn’t realize it yet, God.

She doesn’t know yet that she’s in love.

This is her first step of happiness, God.

And she’s a little bit scared.

She’s afraid of the chances, of the trusting, of what might be uncovered.

She’s not used to the attention, God.

She’s not used to the friendship and the way it fills up her soul now.

She’s not used to falling to sleep with dry eyes.

Dear God,

She laughed today.

She laughed and smiled and was happy.

And this time she wasn’t acting.

Your plan is working, God.

You have answered her deepest desire.

She’s been given a new reason to live.

You know she lived for You before this, God, and she still does now, but in a completely different light.

Because You, above all others, know how miserable she was before this.

And You’ve given her a second chance, God.

Because You love her, and now she can see just how much.

Dear God,

She held his hand today.

She felt the warmth of his body, and his heart, and his soul.

She felt the connection of his fingertips, which were laced through hers.

And she knows that the affection will last long after the embrace is released.

She still hasn’t found the word for this feeling, God.

But You will lead her to it soon.

Your gift might have been this boy, but You know You have given her so much more.

Dear God,

She kissed him today.

It was a moment that she will never forget.

She felt the tenderness lingering on his lips.

She acknowledged, deep in his eyes, the connection between them now.

She regrets ever leaving his sight.

She knows what love is now, God.

She desires its protection and passion.

She breathes in its devotion and admiration.

She knows it’s irresistible and irreplaceable.

She loves this boy, God.

And he loves her.

Dear God,

She misses him today.

She feels empty through his absence.

She has learned to view things so differently.

This girl has been changed.

She might not realize it, God, but she will never live another day in such the same sorrow.

She can’t explain the feelings inside of her.

She can’t describe her thoughts, or hopes, or dreams anymore.

This boy, and You, God, have left her speechless.

Dear God,

She wants to thank you, today.

And she knows she will never be able to.

Because she sees that this gift of Yours was far too great for anyone to ever be able to repay.

She wishes she could give You so much more.

She wishes she could change so much of the world as You have changed her.

She sends her thanks to You every single day, God.

Because she gets to live now.

And she wants to keep this happiness.

But she knows things won’t always stay so wonderful.

Because she lives in a human world, God.

And the human race is no where near perfect.

But please, God, please.

Help her share this love.

Help her keep this love.

And most of all,

Thank You.

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Sagearoo said...
on Jun. 16 2009 at 5:00 pm
Sagearoo, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
0 articles 0 photos 3 comments
I loved this, but it isn't a poem in my worlds. It was more of a story told and not a poem but other than that it was really good. :)


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