Essence’s of Humanity

January 1, 2009
By A.K Bhullar, Northville, MI

Ice cracks and dogs bark
Tires screech, the fire sparks
Lights blink, the wind blows
The hearts bleed, the dying moan
The Needles scratch, the grass is getting long
Drops of blood echo at the beat of the song
The lullaby is silenced during this deathly game
The men keep arguing, what goal remains to their aim?
And now the moon hides, as the blood drips
for all is lost, and the broken heart’s finally rip
The lightning strikes as the children scream
And the innocent shall pay for our selfish schemes
The veil of shadows has now devoured the twilight sky
And red blood has been smeared from every battle cry
You can see the painted grins; and you can feel the wrath
You're all alone; in this twisted psychopath
you grab your gun, giving this world it’s one last kiss,
Thunder crashes, with no one left to miss
and now the clock ticks, as the hour strikes
Such fools are we not knowing wrong from right
And the doors slam, and chains will rattle
you thought you’d win the war, but you just lost the battle
And now this scene is set, and all shall go black,
and the curtains are raised, so ends the final act.
Evil is raging in this dreadful night,
through the sounds of horror, and the gasps of fright.
Through the Intense pain, and the smell of blood
As the tearing eyes will begin to flood.
They will pull out the bodies one by one,
For they will now and never again see the sun.
And in a lightning flash, there will be no more pretend
No Tears shall remain, as you see the devastating end

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