Believing Is...

January 1, 2009
By Jason Colombini, Linden, CA

What is believing in yourself?
How can you describe it?

Believing is knowing you can do
Anything that you want to do
Doing it right and just on cue.

Believing is being able to ask for help
Whether it be a beg, please, holler, or yelp.

Believing is standing up for what’s right
No matter your height, rights, or frights.

Believing is faith the day will be better
Writing your problems in your own angry letter.

Believing is not having any regrets.
To live life and face all the upsets
Sitting on a hill and watching the sunset
Never to hope, wish, or pray people will forget.

Believing is being more mature.
Being able to stand and endure.

Believing is knowing you’ll be someone.
Helping everyone or anyone for a job well done.

Believing is being there for the other guy.
Believing is knowing you’ll always try.
Believing is never being shy.
Believing is knowing never to pry.
Believing is aiming to go sky high.

Believing is achieving.
Believing is succeeding.
Believing is believing.

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