December 31, 2008
By Jessica Traphagan, Yuma, CO

I watch you shoot hoops
in your front yard
you always seem close
but still so far

away from my dreams
my heart and my soul
just how much I like you
you'll never know

Surrounded by your friends
and praise that's long and loud
you never seem to notice
me standing in the crowd

I'm always there
but you never see
just how great
my potential could be

I'm different from the kids in the popular crowd
different from the kids turning music up too loud
I'm everything you should want
everything you need
and yet I still seemed to find
you never notice me

It seems I watch you everyday
but it always ends the same
you just go on with your great life
without ever knowing my name

My friends say that you're wrong for me
but I don't really care
All I want is for you to notice me
standing alone right over there

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