January 3, 2009
By Ashlee Salley, Quitman, TX

My day of judgment is coming near,
God’s thunderous trumpets I now hear.
But when they’ll take me I do not know,
Until they do I’ll put on this show.

I lie here waiting I’ve had no rest,
Our children are gone we know this is best.
I feel her hand gripping mine so hard,
My hand is nothing but a fragile shard.

My doctor comes and tells me to stay,
What’s wrong with me he cannot say.
They’ll run a test they’ll do some scans,
I pray to God I’m in your hands.

My family is here they look so worn,
Sixteen years ago my Ashlee was born.
They came here this morning then went to a store,
Then they came in the evening just to tell me some more.

Five days later they have my results,
The cancer is winning I have just months,
My wife is so crushed, so hurt, and so bruised,
If I could I would hold her, but there’s pain when I move.

It’s hard to hide pain for there’s just so much,
Never before would I have imagined such.
My lips are cracked and my voice so soft,
I can’t understand slow your speed when you talk.
My wife has left to prepare our home,
I’m leaving tomorrow my relief I’ve shown.
She’ll tell our kids my time is few,
I can’t believe this is happening, at all, can you?

Two months I’ve been given,
Two hard months of livin.
My day of judgment is near,
God’s thunderous trumpets I know hear!

On the ground I awake upset and confused,
I see two no three, no four pairs of shoes.
They put me in bed and wheel me away,
What’s happening, I’m hurting, what is it they say?

I’m falling in and out of life,
I feel a phone, the voice, my wife.
Hold on for me, those sweet soft words,
Like blankets of peace or the singing of birds.

My wife she’s here she’s by my side,
My body is drifting being taken by a tide.
I feel no pain I hurt no more,
My brand new body is on the bright shore.

I feel so happy, so new, so alive,
For happiness I no longer must strive.
My family I love them, love them so,
But I’ll always be with them and this they know.

The author's comments:
I've written another poem in this site before, which was inspired by my fathers death. This poem is not only inspired by his death but is the story of his death through his eyes. I can't imagine how he felt durring that time but i tried. Anyone can hear the story through my eyes, but i thought it would be nice to hear it from him.

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friend~yo said...
on Feb. 2 2009 at 4:09 am
Wow this is really great Ash.

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