On My Own

January 3, 2009
I can't help how I feel
I stayed connected to you
Your feelings changed but mine did not
They still haven’t faded
I broke my heart by listening to you
And now I want to forget
Anything that ever happened
As far as I’m concerned we never existed
You moved on while I'm still standing here
I want to walk ahead
but my feet are keeping me from going anywhere

Letting go is never easy
I always said that I could deal with it
I said I was ready for something that I clearly wasn't
I didn't trust in myself I doubted everything
It didn't matter that I was saying I was being strong
It doesn't make a difference it won't change anything
Your eyes shined at once upon a time and I fell under their gleam
I’ll admit you were my undoing and you took me where I only wished for in my dreams
We should have gotten better with every step we took
I should have seen the fact that we got worse as we got closer
I realize we were better off not ever crossing that line.
I’ve found myself loving you but wishing I had never loved at all
Heartache kills I feel it now I wanted so much but it wasn't reality

Next time I’ll know when they’re in love
When they can see my imperfections
And Still say I’m their one and only
But from now on I’ll have a guard up around me
Letting someone close is what I won't do
It hurts too much when they walk out
So for now I'm staying on my own

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