Change is like the Autumn Leaves

January 3, 2009
By Megan Emery, Salem, OR

The journey we take is only as long as the path it’s on,
Yet each path leads to another,
Just as each season leads to the next.
And we cross the bridges that lead us forward.
Our adventures change like the color of autumn leaves.

We allow ourselves to be influenced by what we see,
By the others who act on us,
And by how we act on each other.
And we continue on down the road,
Hoping for change or praying for stability.
Our perspectives change like the color of autumn leaves.

Each day leads us to another lesson,
Which teaches us our strengths,
And points out our weaknesses.
All bonding us together,
Keeping us strong in fragile times,
And sincere in times of force.
Our experiences change like the color of autumn leaves.

We change like the color of autumn leaves,
Together through the adventures,
And the perspectives,
And the experiences.
We take chances and live our lives as a tossup,
As we take on the path of a new season together.

The author's comments:
This poem is about me and a very special group of friends. We help each get through whatever happens.

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