Poor Poor

January 2, 2009
Poor poor you,
Haven't seen me in forever
It's been a while
You couldn't find me if you tried
If you passed me on the street,
I'd have you beat
Poor poor you,
Still haven't a clue.

You're clueless,
Sinking in your own apathy
You try to be good,
You want to care
But you just can't.

Poor poor me,
Still trying to live up to
What they want be to be,
That's it, I'm done,
I'm through
I'm my own person,
Not who you want?
Too bad, you can deal.
I'm running from you,
Shaking you off my back
I can't stand this anymore.

I'm clueless,
Sinking in my own apathy
I try to be good,
I want to care
But I just can't.

Poor poor us,
We're one screwed up bunch
Wandering aimlessly
And don't even know it
We hate to admit it
But this is getting hard to avoid.
We're so messed up,
It's no use trying to heal our gapping wounds.

We're clueless,
Sinking in our own apathy
We try to be good,
We want to care
But we just can't.

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