i am the new generation

December 26, 2008
By Meghan Frank, Norfolk, VA

yes, i know
its an obsession.
but do i care?
cause what you've got to say
to me really doesn't matter

i go to be free.
i live straight edge every day of
every month of
every single year.
i deserve a break every other week.

one day.
6 hours;
a quarter day
every other week.

have you ever just let go?
just free fall
loose all inhabitions and just
loose yourself in the moment?

just fall.

into oblivion.

its wonderful.

i get to be someone you don't
want me to be
for one night.
i get to be myself.
the only time i can just be accepted
for me.

you can try to take me
from my life
my world
my true family
but, my friend,
you will never succeed.

because it is now a part of me.
that you cannot deny.

i fell.
and i don't wanna get back up

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mang9believe said...
on Jan. 7 2009 at 4:53 am
I like your writing format. It very good visual and imaginary stabs that make sense in ways to only certain people.

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