Shades of Gray

December 25, 2008
By Melissa Joseph, Abington, MA

the seasons change, so does he
what once was summer
so warm, happy, peaceful
the way he used to be
has faded, slowly but surely chilling
adapting to his new surroundings
his ego swells, reaching new heights
bringing about the full force of winter
ice cold, heartless, arrogant, his transformed self
crushing everything in his path
the new him treks onward
destructive, unmerciful, a force of nature
one to be reckoned with
leaving behind all he once knew
for it no longered mattered
it was below him now
on top of the world, or so he thought
nothing could breech his wall of insecurities
no one
except her
she saw through the transparent front
thawing the ice that clouded his judgement
causing the season he thought would never end to pass
spring arrives
unheard of but not unwelcome
he is almost back to his old self
but finding her has left him confused
no longer stuck in seasons
but preserved in
shades of gray

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